About Me

Hi! I’m Charlie. Thanks for stopping by.

I have lived and worked in Singapore for almost a decade.  I work full time in an office, i have a wonderful family, and I LOVE fitness. Mix these ingredients together and you get this blog.

Lets give you a bit of a background on my fitness credentials.

  • I have been a Personal Trainer for many, many years and I now have a fabulous trainer myself who I see very regularly
  • I have done every form of class based exercise, and am qualified to teach a fair few of them also.  Actually lets change this to most forms of class based exercise.  There are more and more each day and I need to start trying more and writing about them
  • I have trained Muay Thai in Thailand
  • I lift heavy weights.
  • I love Crossfit (you knew that was going to be in there!)
  • I practise yoga
  • And i am a yellow (Yes, YELLOW) belt in Taikwondo.  I can tell you that belt test was the toughest 10 mins of my entire life.
  • I am also a trained sports masseur.

Now for the other side of this.

  • I have been perfect weight, overweigh, then perfect weight, then overweight and now back again.  When it comes to diets,  you name it I have done it except weight watchers for some reason.
  • I have been unfit, I have been super fit and back again.
  • I like to drink and love to eat (which makes it tough in Singapore coz the food is too good).
  • Right now I have rejected carbs in favour of buying a new wardrobe.

Nice to meet you.