Plan the run, run the plan

I am a bit late posting this but better late than never.

With some idea that signing up for a half marathon would actually make me run and keep me motivated to stay fit blah blah, so now I am a fully signed up Angkor Wat half marathon entrant. I also dragged along a couple of friends who were not quite so motivated but are certainly getting into the groove now. The location is amasing and the weather should be cooler – what can go wrong?

We have 6 months to race day and preparations have started – and a plan needed to be created. Every good race starts with a plan right?   Google ‘half marathon training plan’ and see what you get????

Dear God, there are literally thousands, probably millions in fact, of training plans online. A lot of them, admittedly seem to be in miles and are clearly aimed at the US market, but nonetheless there are a lot of training plans online. Then there are the apps, books, magazine articles, blogs, runners forums all telling you basically the same thing, which is, you have to run to get good at running which means spending a lot of time running. There is a theme. But how can you get over this when you don’t have time to run that much, and really would rather prefer to do other forms of training and i mean ANY other form of training including Zumba.

Still I persevered because it the only way right?  Using a lot of research i created the following plan for my preparation. It seemed to suit my schedules, sort of, and would work very well to get me to where i wanted. I tried it to see how it went and I failed on week 2.   I missed my trainer, i missed crossfit, I missed my life (and its not as it its particularly exciting). I hated running and I certainly wasn’t getting around to the longer runs on the weekend. Right, back to basics and write a plan for ME. Here is the original plan (Sorry about the quality)

Original PLan

I figured out what i liked and what i already did, and why i failed miserably and now with 5 months to go here is the new plan (sorry again about the quality)

New Plan

You see the difference?

This involves a mix of cross fit or seeing my trainer 4 or 5 days a week, a couple of random other classes/sessions to keep it interesting and one long run on the weekend and that is it. Oh and a bit of yoga, if i can fit it in.  In short the weeks are not running and i do cross raining.  So part of the reason for this series of posts is to find out can i do a half with just minimal running and maximal cross fit and cross training workouts? and how does it feel?

Wish me luck – i may just be crazy.

Oh, and I have one final trick up my sleeve. You recall I just couldn’t get around to those long runs on the weekends? Well, I simply signed up to a bunch of races. Its amasing, if you pay (and in some cases quite a lot) to run, you sure as hell should turn up to run. Is this a 5 star training approach? Probably but lets hope it works.