Shape Run 15k Singapore 2016

The alarm went off very early last Sunday morning for me anyway. With a 6am start at the events space next to MBS the Shape Run 2016 was underway. Well, the 15km event that is.  There was a 10km, a 5km and a 1.8km Family Run. And there were times when I wondered why on earth didn’t I just do the 5km and be happy?  The Shape Run is a ladies only event and has been going a fair few years now.  I have done the run a few times over the years and the route this year was by far the best experience.  Generally,  less hairpins, doubling back and crossing over etc.   Having said that I think a fair amount of the land that this route covered didn’t even exist when I first did this run.   So great use of new land!

The race was a great one.  The race pack pick up was a breeze and the contents were pretty good.  The t-shirt sizing was exactly as described (always a lottery) and the route took us around some great Singapore landmarks.

Just in case you were wondering the weather at 6am on Sunday morning was perfect. There was no hint of a thunderstorm like there had been on previous mornings – there was a gentle breeze and more than a whiff of excitement in the air along with a little aroma de portable toilets but aside from that all was good in the world.

Shape Start

The start was the typical sprint start that every race seems to have, but there were some walkers that slowed the pack at narrower points.   [Note to Walkers:  I don’t mind you walking that is fine with me (although why you would pay to enter a race and get up that early, and then walk is beyond me) BUT if you are going to walk, please don’t start at the front of a race.  Wait until the runners have gone and then start walking at the back].

Anyway, the first kilometre which was slooooowwww going ran along side Marina bay.  As we turned right to go past Gardens by the Bay the pack spread out and the run became wonderful.  We then headed over the Barrage (and oh what lovely breezes) and onwards around the golf course.  We did a bit of offroad at this point but nothing serious – straight back on tarmac fairly quickly – phew.  Then on past the stadium complex, before heading back on Nicoll Highway and along the river past the F1 pit buildings then towards the Fullerton Bay Hotel before a fast finish down Marina Boulevard.    There was a good number of hydration stops and even an occasional cheering volunteer which helps.

Route Shape

At the 13km mark just at the end of the helix bridge,  the 10k and the 5k races all merged.  This was a really impressive site – runners everywhere, and i was thinking wow right up until I found myself jostling for air time with equally tired 5 and 10km racers/walkers.  Was great that we could all finish together but at 13km my tolerance and ability to dodge was a bit off.  It did cause me to pick up the pace and attempt to outrun them.   Apologies for anyone that I brushed past with a sweaty arm.

Personal opinion on this race is that I would do it again in a heartbeat, but maybe not this week.  My knees are struggling today.