Hello world & a special hello to the little red dot

Welcome to my shiny new blog about Health & Fitness with a Singapore focus and maybe a little twist of Asia.

I have done a lot of thinking, reading and practising to make this leap and become a blogger.  There is literally a ton of stuff on the internet explaining the do’s and don’ts of blogging – how to create, what to create, what to avoid, and I have just done it.  Actually it was easier than I expected, technically speaking that is.  Actually, writing this post was a harder than I expected.  Let’s hope it gets easier with practice.

I am just so excited that i get to share some fantastic stuff with you.   So, I will be using this blog to:

  • Showcase Singapore’s fitness scene.  Since I have lived here for almost a decade I can say that it has grown and is still growing and now offers fantastically exciting training opportunities at every corner.
  • Do fitness experiments – like my first one – can I run a half marathon with minimal running training?  All of this will be done in 32 degrees and 90% humidity.
  • Test theories on fitness like optimal training and female hormones, and training and low carb diets.  Not Singapore specific but definitely interesting.
  • Share fitness tips and ideas and things that worked for me over the years and also some of my better work outs just for fun. I like this bit and again its not Singapore related but the workouts will definitely be suitable for using in the gyms and parks and homes of Singapore and around the world.

Please subscribe and see where this journey will take us.  Leave me some comments on what you would like to see and let’s create a singapore fitness community right here.